Top Brands

Some Top brands we sale that are not our own 

The name Colombo is known all over for the world as one of the most acclaimed Italian producers of cashmere and noble fibres.

They are best known for the use of the most luxurious materials (silk, mink, ermine, yangir, vicuna, etc.) which they masterfully mix with cashmere to add lustre and warmth.

An Italian men’s label from Milan, with shops in Via della Spiga, Forte dei Marmi and Portofino, Doriani are known to a select clientele for their excellent quality in cashmere knitwear, shirts, sport-jackets and accessories.

stablished in 1956, Pasotti started producing umbrellas that are unique, with magnificent detail and expressing quality workmanship in true “Made in Italy” tradition.

As a family business, the company was founded in 1945 by Ermogene Bonfanti and his wife Anita.

It started as a small artisan workshop producing quality handbags and briefcases.

With years of building the brand, Bonfanti has become known as a luxury brand which has established different collections to accommodate different consumer needs.

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