Expand your designing skills beyond clothing

Get your inspiration from different medias

When designing clothes you may come to a point where you find yourself following patters and are in need of some fresh inspiration, we recommend you step away from clothes temporarily to do so. Below are a few ways that many famous clothes designers find inspiration through different methods of expressing design.


ceramicsDesigning ceramics is an art form that has been carried for hundreds of years. It is an amazing way to stretch your capabilities and find inspiration within a new media.

  • Make a tile to match any colour, pattern or design you want
  • Reproduce an existing tile
  • Work on restoration projects
  • Design a tile scheme for your studio
  • Make tile picture panels and murals that represent your style
  • Work with designers within this industry

Digital Design

There is a huge number of free design tools and software applicaitons online that will allow you to expand your design knowledge. Have a play around with these options and get some fresh inspiration.


When working within architecture it can teach you a number of skills but most interestingly, it can teach you to work around obstacles and work for a specific purpose.

  • Maximise the use of passive solar energy in the building form
  • Maximise natural ventilation in the building form
  • Achieve high air tightness standard
  • Carry out calculations to determine daylight levels, solar gain, infiltration ventilation rates and peak temperatures




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